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Elevating Refill To Mainstream

2024 Retreat Theme


Your refill store is leading the way to a new era of sustainability. And it's hard. You're wearing all the hats of a small business owner and asking people to change their habits. Luckily, you aren't doing this alone.

Attend the 2024 Refillery Collective retreat to learn business, marketing, and product strategies that will elevate your refillery to mainstream in your community.

2024 Refillery Collective Retreat


When: Monday June 3, 2024

Optional: Sunday Refillery Tour + Dinner


Where: The Postcard Inn On the Beach

6300 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach, FL 33706


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Retreat Presentations

Please note these are subject to change as last minute conflicts can always happen.

Product Management Strategies

Streamline inventory for maximum cash flow!

Presentation - Alicia Adamson
Protecting Refill: How To Implement A Plan That Ensures Product Safety

With the refillI process, there are multiple opportunities for contamination that can result in a product losing effectiveness and/or building up dangerous bacteria. In order for refill to go and stay mainstream, there needs to be a standard in product safety and sanitation. I'll show you how to create an effective sanitation schedule for your bulk containers, communicate sell by/use by dates, and build in a system that ensures you are never left with expired products on hand.

Rustic Strength is the 2024 Refillery Collective retreat's platinum presentation sponsor. All unique refilleries that attend the retreat in St. Pete will receive a $200 discount code to order product for their store. This discount code can be used on Rustic Strength's wholesale website (not Faire).

Presentation - Eniko Olah
Elevating Cash Flow: How To Create A Profitable Product Mix

Inventory is a major cost that can create cash flow problems when mismanaged. We will cover inventory quadrants, the 1-in-1-out inventory management rule, and implementing the days-on-hand strategy for ordering inventory.

Workshop - Eniko Olah
Pruning Products: How To Eliminate Your Weakest + Optimize Your Strongest

With Eniko's guidance, you'll fill out a quadrant diagram with your product inventory and figure out which product to kill. Then, you'll calculate your ideal inventory investment - for your store as a whole + for one of your core products.

Business Strategies

Reach more people with business partnerships.

Sponsor Presentation TBD

Presentation - Cory Thompson
Refilling Made Accessible: How To Expand Your Reach With Refill Stations 

Whether you're an aspiring refillery owner, have a brick + mortar location, or are somewhere in-between, strategic refill station partnerships will help you reach more people. Learn what businesses make good partners, what to include in your contract, and how to set up an inviting refill experience.

Workshop - Cory Thompson
Uplifting Partnerships: How To Design A Mutually Beneficial Pitch

With Cory's guidance, you'll strategically select three local businesses you can partner with. Then, you'll customize a brochure with your refillery's branding, information, and how partnering with you will benefit their business.

Marketing Strategies

Understand what's trending and grow your customer base!

Presentation - Jennifer Blaese
Unleashing Potential: How To Convert Dog & Cat Lovers Into Loyal Refill Customers

You might be missing out on a huge marketing opportunity if you aren't catering to dog & cat lovers. By adding a well-rounded pet section to your store, you'll connect with 65% of U.S. households and 56% of Canadian households who are passionate about their furry friends. I'll share how you can make your store a welcoming space for owners to bring their dogs and cats, suggest types of products to carry, and propose events you can host. This threefold strategy will have pet lovers returning to refill their favorite products at your store over and over again.

GreenLine Pet Supply is the 2024 Refillery Collective retreat's gold presentation sponsor. All unique refilleries that attend the retreat in St. Pete will receive a $100 discount code to order products for their store.

Presentation - Alyssa Bolaños
Mainstream Marketing: How To Make Your Refillery Relevant

It's no secret social media can be a powerful tool in reaching new audiences, but it's not as simple as shoot, edit, and upload. I'll walk you through the steps and tools you need to boost your refillery's relevancy, track trends, and get more eyes on your business.

Workshop - Alyssa Bolaños
Topping Trends: How To Use Social Media For Social Good

With Alyssa's guidance, you'll plan a marketing strategy with sharable content that converts to sales. Using only free tools, you'll discover what's trending, plan your posts, plan your batch shoot, and schedule your analytics review.

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Thank You To Our Amazing Sponsors!

Thank You To Our Amazing Sponsors!