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Meet Katie

She is the owner of Lite Foot Company in Savannah, GA. She loves helping aspiring refill store owners navigate starting their business. Katie has experience with:

  • Business Models:¬†Markets, Pop-Ups, Mobile Refillery, Brick + Mortar
  • Marketing:¬†Partnerships with Local Shops, Community Events
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Meet Cory

She is the owner of Red Oak Refillery, creating refill stations in existing storefronts in Oakland County, MI. Cory would love to share her knowledge and help you create a similar system in your community. This includes:

  • Business Models: Refill Stations
  • Marketing: Community Education + Engagement
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Meet Crystal

She is the owner of Roots Refillery in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Crystal has a lot of experience in leadership, building a strong team, and creating foundational practices that will grow your business. Crystal can help you with:

  • Business Models:¬†Brick + Mortar
  • Products:¬†Getting Better Margins
  • Marketing: Setting Goals¬†+ Developing Strategies¬†

Note: Crystal is only available Wednesdays.

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Meet John

He is the owner of Fillagreen in Manassas, VA. John is a master at sales, networking, and customer service. If you are looking to diversify your revenue potential and create exceptional customer service experiences, John is ready to help you make it happen.

  • Business Models:¬†Brick + Mortar, Markets
  • Products: Sales Strategy
  • Marketing:¬†Developing Profitable Relationships
Purchase Mentor Call ($25)

When you purchase a mentor phone call, your mentor will receive an email with your contact information and reach out to schedule. Calls are up to 1 hour long. Additional mentoring sessions can always be purchased.

Frances (Rahway Refillery)

"Katie is amazing. She shared tips and information to help me write my business plan. We talked about private label manufacturing, staffing, and securing a loan. I even got her feedback on a Pitch deck! I'm so thankful to have a mentor who can help me grow my business properly!"

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Did you know a brick + mortar store isn't your only option? You actually have 7 ways to create a successful refill business. Understand the cost, marketing, and time commitment for each business model, so you can move forward with the one that will work best for you!

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