What Is A Refill Store?

A refill store helps you live an eco-friendly life by providing everyday essentials without packaging.


Some refill stores offer package free grocery shopping. Bring your own clean empty containers. Fill them with pantry staples, oils, nut butters, coffee, and more. They also offer local produce without the plastic.

Personal Care

Stock up on all your personal care and cleaning products without the packaging. Bring your empty containers. Fill them up with shampoo, toothpaste, dish soap, laundry detergent, and more. You'll find zero waste lifestyle items as well.

How Refilling Works

Every refill store operates a little differently. Some stores weigh your containers and fill them up for you, others let you do it yourself. If it's your first time in the store, they will be excited to show you how it works!

1. Tare

Weigh your empty container. Press tare to zero out the scale.

2. Fill

Fill your empty container with your favorite product.

3. Weigh

Weigh your filled container and write down the final weight.

4. Pay

Pay for the product and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions