Apply To Be A Presentation Sponsor 

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We are looking to partner with one more sustainable product vendor who is dedicated to elevating refill to mainstream.

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Why Be A Presentation Sponsor?

Set your company up as a leading vendor in the refill industry.

  1. Retreat tickets are exclusively for refilleries. That means you get to be one of only 3 vendors spending the full day building relationships with our attendees.
  2. Refillery owners are always looking for guidance in running their business. As a presenter, you get to establish yourself as an expert who can help them create successful practices.
  3. You want to get your products in more refilleries. As a presenter, you'll get a prominent logo display that attracts attention and the option to provide a discount code that gets attending refilleries excited to put in a wholesale order. 

How To Apply

Submit a presentation proposal that includes the following:

Session Block

We are looking for a presentation sponsor for our business strategy session block. 

Presentation Topic

What business strategy do you want to share in a 20 minute presentation? This business strategy needs to align with our theme: Elevating Refill To Mainstream.

Presentation Description

Write a short paragraph describing what you will talk about. Include the problem you think needs to be solved, how this problem can be solved, and the potential outcome.

Sponsor Levels

As a presentation sponsor, you can offer all unique refilleries that attend the retreat in person a wholesale discount code. Choose from the options below:

  • Twin Gold: $100 discount code
  • Silver: $0 - $99 discount code

Apply to Be A Presentation Sponsor

We are looking for the most impactful presentation proposals that align with our theme: Elevating Refill To Mainstream.


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